Our Committment

While KingKira is a 100% owned Aboriginal business, we acknowledge we are a culturally diverse organisation and committed to equal opportunity in employment, and in all we do.

We appreciate the importance of employing Aboriginal people throughout our operations and respect the diversity of the Aboriginal culture. As an Aboriginal business we recognise the unique and important relationship that Aboriginal people have to country, culture, and family. We strive to educate our staff, our clients and the broader community about the issues Aboriginal people face, and what we, as Australians, can do to start bridging the gap.

As a Pilbara Aboriginal person, Tammy’s knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal engagement is profound, as she has experienced firsthand many of the challenges that Aboriginal people face in today’s society. It is this experience that allows KingKira to work with individuals and, more importantly, provide guidance to ensure that career advancement and long-term growth is achieved.

KingKira Community Van Project

As part of our commitment to our land, country, and our values we are proud to announce the launch of the KingKira Community Van Project.

The KingKira Community Van is a project close to the heart of our Founder Tammy O’Connor and her mother Cheryl Mackay. (Cheryl being a strong Nyiyaparli and Palyku woman who also has a strong antecedent connection to Ngarluma and Kariyarra through her mother and father.)

Cheryl is one of eleven siblings born and raised in Marble Bar. She completed her schooling in Marble Bar and then went on to work in government at the Department of Native Welfare. From here Cheryl progressed into teaching and spent 13 years at the Marble Bar school and then spent 6 years as a counsellor working for ATSIC. Cheryl still resides in Marble Bar today.

Cheryl and the KingKira community van will travel the vast Pilbara region visiting communities and recording Aboriginal languages. Languages are the centre of life for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Languages are not just a means of communication, they express learnings of the law, geography, history, family, caring for country, food and biology. Each language is associated with an area of land and has a deep spiritual significance, and it is through their own languages that Aboriginal people maintain their connection with their culture, history, and country.

In the late 18th century, there were around 250 distinct Aboriginal language groups coving the continent. Today only around 120 of those languages are still spoken and many are at risk and if not recorded, will be lost and become no more than a distant memory.

The KingKira Community Van project shows the demand to raise awareness of the importance of Indigenous languages across not only the Pilbara in Western Australia but our country as a whole and ensure they are passed on to the next generation.

As part of the Community Van project, KingKira we be delivering much needed goods to these communities in the form of clothing donations, blankets and other goods and services.

Thank you to our founding sponsors CD Dodd and High Density Civil.

If you an interested in getting involved in this project, please email us hello@kingkira.com.au or contact us on 0459 595 083.

Working with Others

As a local Pilbara business our commitment is to support the local community and investing in our future and supporting those in need. We support a vast range of community activities locally throughout Western Australia.

Badgebup Aboriginal Corporation (BAC)

KingKira were delighted to work with BAC to donate a demountable building to provide an additional boost to the corporation’s capacity to deliver across their land-based enterprises and will be used to house trainees during work programs.

The donation was facilitated by the Mindaroo Foundation who are a partner in the State Government’s Early Years Initiative with Telethon Kids Institute. 


Since 2018 KingKira has supporting Madalah via its annual fundraising event The Madalah Ball.

Madalah is a not-for-profit organisation that offers Secondary and Tertiary education scholarships for Indigenous students from remote and regional communities to West Australia’s leading boarding schools and Australian universities.

Wirrpanda Foundation

KingKira are proud to support the Wirrpanda Foundation by providing job opportunities that help Indigenous job seekers establish their career in the mining and resources sector and supporting the long term unemployed gaining stainable employment opportunities.

KingKira attended the annual Wirrpanda Foundation Gala dinner (2021) where funds were raised to assist in them in the provision of education, employment and business opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians by working together to empower and build capacity amongst individuals, their families and their communities. The event was a success and will be an annual event we will continue to support.

Gur Wirimalpa Rugby

Gur Wirimalpa Rugby is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander rugby league team taking part in the Harmony 9s Rugby tournament in Perth, October 2021.

The team is based on the principle of acknowledging where we have come from, sharing culture through generations and embracing opportunities. The name Gur Wirimalpa comes from both the Torres Strait – Eastern Islands language group and Nyiyaparli languages. Gur meaning ‘Saltwater” in Meriam Mir and Wirimalpa meaning “Warrior” in Nyiyaparli. It celebrates the two first nations people of Australia, coming together from the land and sea to celebrate the world’s oldest living culture and honouring the dreamtime spiritual journey of our ancestors.