KingKira Group Pty Ltd (KingKira) is a 100% Aboriginal owned business providing a range of safe innovative services and solutions across the mining and resources sectors in Western Australia.
KingKira is wholly owned and operated by Tammy O’Connor, a traditional owner from the Pilbara region with a strong antecedent connection to her country through her Nyiyaparli and Palyku Aboriginal heritage, and links to Kariyarra and Ngarluma via her grandmother’s side

The business name “KingKira” reflects Tammy’s daughter’s names Kingston and Shakira.

KingKira acknowledges the owners of the land in which it operates. We strive to work together with our local neighbours to achieve common goals, provide sustainable long-term solutions, create opportunities through training, development and business for future generations and to seek new ideas and do them differently.

KingKira’s capacity for change and commitment to service excellence is driven by a firm belief that to deliver sustainable social benefits, we must first and foremost create and maintain a successful, safe and financially sound business model.

At KingKira, we strive to manage all aspects of our environment to ensure it remains sustainable for future generations. In parallel, we endeavour to engage local people, contractors, and suppliers to be part of our journey. Our footprint extends throughout Western Australia into the Pilbara Region where we continually build relationships with local people, suppliers, and clients.

Having been brought up in the Pilbara region residing in Marble Bar, Tammy has a wealth of knowledge and insight of local community issues and native title, providing education and guidance to help communities and business achieve sustainable development. Tammy studied at various institutions and has worked remotely on mines sites and in communities to continually build her knowledge and business skill set.
Established in early 2014, KingKira has experienced organic growth through a simple strategic vision; “to provide development opportunities for Aboriginal people, and in parallel manage all aspects of the land in which the business operates to maintain a sustainable future”.

Our Values


We believe that everybody should be treated equally and with respect, regardless of status, or title, or position. We want our team at KingKira and the customers we work with to feel like family. We recognise and acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the first custodians of Australia, and the contributions made by our elders. We respect this land, and seek to ensure that in our work activities, we preserve the environment and precious resources for future generations.


We exist to make a difference in people’s lives. We create opportunities. Opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds, with different skills and varying levels of expertise, with their own history and individual stories. We inspire the next generation of business owners. Observing our success – they can see what is possible. Through this inspiration and the opportunities created, we believe people will be more confident to take control and chart their own path… make their own tracks.


Our reputation is that of a company that safely and reliably delivers on, or ideally exceeds, customer expectations. We are focused on finding more effective and commercially superior solutions to our customer’s problems – providing them not just what they want, but what they need. In doing so, we create value and strengthen our customer’s businesses.

KingKira Values - Sustainability


We are committed to providing
sustainable, and cost-efficient environmental management services that prioritise waste reduction, reuse, recycling, and innovative technologies. We support customers to adopt
responsible practices and aim to steer the market toward sustainable waste management practices, reducing future environmental liability and promoting a cleaner, healthier planet for future generations.

Our People

Tammy O’Connor

Tammy is the founder, managing director, and the driving force behind KingKira Group. She is a Nyiyaparli/Paylku woman dedicated to supporting and nurturing the Pilbara Aboriginal community and sits on various native title boards. Tammy holds a Diploma of Business from the University of Melbourne as well as multiple qualifications in training, security, and Aboriginal studies.
Tammy started as a Supervisor at the Solomon mine on the PES waste management contract with FMG. Tammy gained an insight, experience, and knowledge of the industry. More importantly technical specifics to the business. She learned how to manage work fronts, control staff, about safety and how this impacts performance. From her time on site, it taught her the skills and set her foundations for the leader she has become today.

Tammy grew up in Marble Bar and started her career in community education support. She expanded to take on various community consultation and advisory roles, gaining knowledge in Aboriginal heritage and culture. She moved on to work in the mining industry, developing solid managerial and commercial skills while continuing to leverage her extensive contacts in the indigenous and local business communities to become a significant force for Aboriginal engagement in the region.

Through KingKira Group, Tammy now works with various stakeholders in the Pilbara to provide ongoing opportunities for the Aboriginal community through training, employment, and mentoring of local people within her business, Her, industry knowledge, and deep connection to Country make her the ideal liaison between community and business interests in the Pilbara.

Tammy’s primary focus is as a director of her own business being KingKira Group as well as actively working with her joint venture partners to achieve the desired outcome and goals of each joint venture.

Tammy desire to achieve and hard work have led to KingKira’s success and establishing itself as one of Western Australia most successful Aboriginal Female owned businesses in the resources sectors.

Reegan Buswell

Reegan is a Certified Practising Accountant with 20 plus years of experience in business advisory, financial performance, investment, and management of companies across a range of businesses in manufacturing, mining, oil & gas, rail, and labour-hire to name a few.
Reegan holds a Bachelor of Commerce (in Accounting and Finance) from Murdoch University, as well as his CPA and Public Practice certificates. He is a principal partner of Lawrence Group one of Perth’s leading mid-tier accounting firms.
Reegan has been involved directly as a director of KingKira Group since 2018 and also sits on various boards throughout the KingKira group of companies and JV’s providing some direct commercial experience for KingKira Group. Reegan has assisted Tammy and KingKira negotiate several successful commercial Joint Venture agreements while also assisting the business further develop as it expands in its own right. Reegan assists in the day to day commercial and financial aspects of KingKira while also assisting Tammy continue to grow and develop her Strategic Plan for her business structure so it can continue on its successful path.

Geoff Selfe

Geoff is a highly motivated business administration and commercial professional with over 20 years of experience, specialising in human resources and health and safety. He holds a Bachelor of Business (in Human Resources and Finance) from Edith Cowan University as well as other qualifications in finance and contract management and business administration.

Having begun his career in hospitality, Geoff soon moved into the construction, engineering, and mining services sector, working in health and safety and human resources across various roles. Ultimately expanding into management, he developed particular skills in team building and effective execution of operations strategy.

Geoff is an effective and resourceful leader who has been working in operations roles in the mining and resources sector for over 15 years and specifically with Aboriginal business over the last 10 years. He has well-developed management skills encompassing Aboriginal engagement, commercial and contracts, human resources, health and safety and business development, Geoff is always comfortable under pressure and strives to exceed any given objectives.

Within KingKira Group, Geoff is responsible for operational excellence, growth, compliance, and management of key stakeholder relationships.

Our History

Established in early 2014 by Tammy O’Connor, KingKira has experienced organic growth through a simple strategic vision, to provide development opportunities for Aboriginal people, and in parallel manage all aspects of the land in which the business operates to maintain a sustainable future.

Tammy’s simple strategic business vision runs hand in hand with a desire to provide genuine development opportunities for Aboriginal people, and provide safe, reliable and sustainable services to customers.

  • 2014

    KingKira Group established

  • 2015

    Pilbara Environmental Services (Formally PTK Environmental Services) established partnership with Toxfree Australia focusing one the provision of waste management and environmental services

  • 2017

    Dust suppression contract with Roy Hill Awarded

  • 2017

    Kingkira Group awarded site security contract across RTIO mine sites with Sodexo

  • 2018

    Pilbara Environmental Services awarded site wide (port, mine and rail) total waste management contract with Fortescue Metals Group Limited (FMGL)

  • 2018

    Kingkira Dodd established partnership with CD Dodd Scrap Metal Services, complimenting Kingkira Group environmental service provision

  • 2018

    Pilbara Environmental Services awarded waste total waste management contract with Atlas Iron

  • 2019

    KingKira Group equipment hire contract with Wirlu-Murra Yindjibarndi Enterprises

  • 2019

    KingKira Group was awarded the 2019 AEMEE (Aboriginal Enterprises in Mining, Energy and Exploration Ltd) National New Indigenous Business of the Year Award

  • 2020

    KingKira becomes Supply National Certified

  • 2020

    FMG extends the term of Pilbara Environmental Services waste management contract for a 5-year term

  • 2020

    KingKira Awarded BHP South Flank Removal of Transportable Building Package

  • 2021

    KingKira awarded Civil Services contract for delivery of equipment and labour to the BHP Newman Operations Civil Services Team

  • 2021

    KingKira awarded 5-year contract to render street sweeping services to BHP’s WA Iron Ore Operations. The scope of services will have KingKira conducting street sweeping across BHP’s footprint in the Pilbara