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Environmental Services

Environmental Services

KingKira provides a broad range of environmental services to meet our customer’s needs and demands. From the resources sector to the commercial sector we can take care of all your environmental needs while working with you to achieve a sustainable future.

We have local and widespread experience across a diverse number of industries. Our industry experts have successfully implemented a range of environmental solutions for mining, metals, oil and gas, and other industrial clients. We have helped these clients improve their business and environmental performance through our waste management and industrial services solutions.

Our environmental solutions help address the challenges of your sector, including increasing costs, fluctuating commodity demand, environmental and social responsibility, skills shortages, and new technologies.

These services include:

  • General waste services;
  • Liquid and hazardous waste removal;
  • Recycling an sustainability;
  • Construction and demolition waste; and
  • Industrial cleaning services including high pressure water and heavy vacuum services.