King Kira in the Community

King Kira in the Community

Established in partnership with Fremantle Foundation, KingKira Community Fund aims to make dreams become a reality, supporting aspirational people in the further development of their chosen passions or careers. The KingKira Community Fund is part of Tammy O’Connor’s way of “giving back” for the opportunities, support and mentoring she received throughout her working career from both business and individuals. Tammy is a firm believer that the funds generated from the Pilbara should be accessible to any person or community that may not have the same opportunity or support typically offered elsewhere in the Pilbara.

Indigenous Women Program

The program supports Indigenous women to take part in a life-changing experience where opportunities are not available. These opportunities are specific to individuals involved with education, training and cultural activities

Community Needs Program

The program supports remote communities throughout Western Australia by way of improvement opportunities in areas of health, education and lifestyle. Both individuals and community groups are eligible to apply and benefit from the funding.