Our Partners

Our Partners

Kingkira Dodd (KKD) is an incorporated joint venture with one of Australia’s leading scrap metal recycling companies C.D. Dodd

C.D. Dodd’s is a local West Australian owned family business with a history dating back some 50 years. With facilities in Perth, Kalgoorlie and the Pilbara regions, KKD provides a broad range of metals recycling, plant and equipment sales, demolition, mine site remediation and marine salvage operations and has business activities both nationally and internationally

KKD Scrap Metal Recyclers is now one of the Pilbara’s leading scrap metal recycling companies, renowned for exemplary safety, efficiency and forward thinking. Along with our partners we can offer recycling plants in Perth and Kalgoorlie, collection services and satellite branches in the south-west and Pilbara, plus a range of mobile plants, allowing us to offer a full service to even the most remote parts of WA.

Our capabilities extend from industrial/commercial scrap metal and salvage recycling to mine-site demolition/clean up, and marine salvage. We service a broad local, national and international client base, and boast an impeccable safety record in accordance with all Government and private Acts and Regulations


Safety is paramount to our working philosophy at KKD. As such we operate within the bounds of the CD Dodd safety and environmental charters. CD Dodd are a recognised member of the International Scrap Recycling Institute (ISRI), as well as a signatory on a range of conventions and declarations worldwide. Together, our services are continually rated to meet all Acts and Regulations enforced by government, private enterprise and associations.

We maintain a full safety management plan, making sure that all employees are certified and receive ongoing accredited competency based training for each new job requirement. In addition, all senior safety personnel are trained to a minimum of diploma level

Our advanced system of policies, procedures, training and documentation ensures we maintain an enviable safety record.

Pilbara Environmental Services (PES) is a fully incorporated joint venture bringing together Kingkira Group, an established and respected traditional owner business with connections to both the Nyiyaparli and Palyku people and links to Kariyarra and Ngarluma people, and Australia’s largest national waste management, environmental and industrial services provider Cleanaway Ltd.

The 50/50 ownership structure of the joint venture provides customers an opportunity to engage directly with a local aboriginal business, one that has its roots firmly grounded in the Pilbara and is able to deliver local expertise, equipment, facilities and people whilst fully supported by the country’s largest publicly listed waste management business.

PES is a recognised leader in regional and remote heavy industrial cleaning, waste management and environmental support services. We specialise in industrial services and waste management projects in the mining, manufacturing, oil and gas sectors and we are proud incumbents at some of the Pilbara’s largest and most complex mining operations.

PES offers an extensive range of market leading environmental management solutions to a diverse range of industry sectors. Services include the provision of heavy industrial cleaning and support services, waste management, technical advice, bin hire and design, waste recovery, recycling, collection and transport of all types of wastes including controlled waste and dangerous goods. All waste managed by PES is taken to licensed recycling, treatment or disposal facilities and we take pride in our diversion from landfill goals

Our Joint Venture Partner

Kingkira carefully selects all its joint venture partners to ensure goals align and

Cleanaway Waste Management Limited is Australia’s leading total waste management, industrial and environmental services company. For more than 50 years Cleanaway have supported Australian industry, business, government, communities and households – delivering a comprehensive range of solutions that not only offer extraordinary benefits for our customers, but for our communities for generations to come. Listed as one of the top 100 companies on the ASX (ASX: CWY), in 2018 Cleanaway welcomed Toxfree and Daniels Health into the fold, increasing its footprint to over 5,500 highly trained staff, supported by a fleet of almost 4,000 specialist vehicles, working from a network of more than 250 locations around Australia. All this adds up to the largest waste, recycling, industrial services and liquids collections fleets on the road, with a substantial network of recycling facilities, transfer stations, engineered landfills, liquid treatment plants and refineries. Cleanaway, we offer customers an almost unrivalled capacity to collect, process, treat, recycle or safely dispose of any type of waste.

Making a Sustainable Future possible

Cleanaway’s mission is to make a sustainable future possible. To some, waste may seem like an ordinary part of everyday life, but Cleanaway know it has extraordinary potential. All waste is seen as a resource and its facilities and processes are used to transform it into valuable commodities for every sector, industry and community.

The business has three major operating segments:

Solid Waste Services – Cleanaway’s state-based Solid Waste Services business operates the largest solid waste and recycling services fleet in Australia supported by the leading resource recovery and post collection facilities network across the country. Cleanaway services more than 95 municipal councils and over 135,000 local businesses.

Liquids & Health Services – Cleanaway are the largest hydrocarbons recycling business in Australia and a leader in the overall liquids market, collecting and processing 140 million litres of mineral oil as well as collecting and processing 680 million litres of hazardous and non-hazardous liquids. The acquisition of Daniels Health allows Cleanaway to handle all healthcare generated waste streams, with an unrivalled national service infrastructure and best in class products and services.

Industrial Solutions – The Industrial Solutions division offers a wide range of plant and asset management services that provide solutions to reduce production down time, risk of unscheduled plant stoppages and reliance on labour. The team increase plant efficiency and help customers comply with strict environmental and OHS requirements.

The Cleanaway difference is its dedicated team of highly trained in-house experts, who proudly deliver tailored solutions to our customers each and every day. Cleanaway is proud to be an employer of choice and is committed to nurturing its diverse workforce through robust training and development programs and the Groups Reconciliation Action Plan and equal opportunity employment policies are highly regarded by business, industry government and communities