KingKira Dodd (KKD) is an incorporated joint venture with one of Australia’s leading scrap metal recycling companies C.D. Dodd

C.D. Dodd’s is a local West Australian owned family business with a history dating back some 50 years. With facilities in Perth, Kalgoorlie and the Pilbara regions, KKD provides a broad range of metals recycling, plant and equipment sales, demolition, mine site remediation and marine salvage operations and has business activities both nationally and internationally.

KKD Scrap Metal Recyclers is now one of the Pilbara’s leading scrap metal recycling companies, renowned for exemplary safety, efficiency and forward thinking. Along with our partners we can offer recycling plants in Perth and Kalgoorlie, collection services and satellite branches in the south-west and Pilbara, plus a range of mobile plants, allowing us to offer a full service to even the most remote parts of WA.
Our capabilities extend from industrial/commercial scrap metal and salvage recycling to mine-site demolition/clean up, and marine salvage. We service a broad local, national and international client base, and boast an impeccable safety record in accordance with all Government and private Acts and Regulations