Pilbara Environmental Services (PES) is a fully incorporated joint venture bringing together Kingkira Group, an established and respected traditional owner business with connections to both the Nyiyaparli and Palyku people and links to Kariyarra and Ngarluma people, and Australia’s largest national waste management, environmental and industrial services provider Cleanaway Ltd.

The 50/50 ownership structure of the joint venture provides customers an opportunity to engage directly with a local aboriginal business, one that has its roots firmly grounded in the Pilbara and is able to deliver local expertise, equipment, facilities and people whilst fully supported by the country’s largest publicly listed waste management business.

PES is a recognised leader in regional and remote heavy industrial cleaning, waste management and environmental support services. We specialise in industrial services and waste management projects in the mining, manufacturing, oil and gas sectors and we are proud incumbents at some of the Pilbara’s largest and most complex mining operations.

PES offers an extensive range of market leading environmental management solutions to a diverse range of industry sectors. Services include the provision of heavy industrial cleaning and support services, waste management, technical advice, bin hire and design, waste recovery, recycling, collection and transport of all types of wastes including controlled waste and dangerous goods. All waste managed by PES is taken to licensed recycling, treatment or disposal facilities and we take pride in our diversion from landfill goals