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Aboriginal Engagement Healthcheck

Company Name
Contact Name
Email Address
Direct Phone
Website Address
1. Does your business currently provide services or products in the Pilbara?
2. Do you currently tender for, or are you planning to tender for projects in the Pilbara?
3. Services or products does your company offer?
4. Are your current / target customers insisting that you demonstrate a commitment to Aboriginal engagement?
5. Have you had any experience in engaging with Aboriginal businesses?
6. Do you know how to find suitable Aboriginal businesses and or potential joint venture partners?
7. Does your company currently have any formal joint ventures with Aboriginal businesses?
8. Does your company employ an Aboriginal engagement or employment specialist?
9. Does your company have an Aboriginal Engagement Policy?
10. Does your company have an existing Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)?
11. Does your company have any indigenous engagement or participation strategies?
12. What is the current percentage of Aboriginal employees in your business?

Please remember there are no wrong or right answers. These questions are solely to provide our customer service agent with some basic information about your Company’s Aboriginal Engagement needs.