Remote Operated – High Pressure & High-Volume Water Jetting Placing Booms

With the reinvention of what is traditionally a construction industry piece of equipment (Concrete Placing Boom); KingKira’s Robotic Technology has created a piece of equipment which is now changing how the mining industry prepares for shutdowns.

Our Remote Operated – High Pressure & High-Volume Water Jetting Placing Booms have allowed our clients to rethink their approach to Shutdown Preparation, which, in turn, is saving them time and money whilst providing a much safer approach to performing these traditionally mundane, yet time consuming tasks.

KingKira’s Technology Provides:

  • A Safer Solution: Utilising innovative remote robotic technology removing personnel from the line of fire.
  • A More Efficient Process: Reducing time and, in some cases, being able to perform our services whilst our clients’ assets are still in operation.
  • A More Effective Process: Our technology has achieved levels of cleanliness which our clients have never seen before ahead of their maintenance shutdowns.
  • No Need for Isolation Requirements: Using our unique innovation, we can provide operational (spillage) type cleans without the need to isolate equipment.
  • Reduced Labour Requirements: A reduction in labour requirements means reduced labour costs along with a reduction in other associated labour burdens such as airfares and accommodation.