Leaders in infrastructure and on-site industrial services

As a specialist in the mining and industrial services industry, KKIS is quickly becoming a leader in providing our client’s both non-process infrastructure (NPI) and process infrastructure (operational & maintenance), on-site industrial services, where we provide safe, innovative, well maintained, and reliable equipment, complemented with teams of specialised, skilled operators.

Non-Process Infrastructure (NPI) examples include:

  • Delivery and Supply of Potable Water
  • Removal and Disposal of Liquid Waste, Oily Water, and Sludge Removal
  • Oily Water Sumps and General Waste Sumps

Operational/Production examples include:

  • Heavy vacuum services for both wet and dry clean-up of operational spillage utilising our modern fleet of KingVac®.
  • Operational spillage clean-up in hard to access areas including beneath conveyors and transfer stations whilst they are still operating, utilising our best in the industry remote robotic units, design specifically for the harsh conditions that our clients experience in the remote regions.
  • Structural Integrity Maintenance (SIMs) preparation ahead of inspections on both process plant structure and stockyard rail, where we work alongside your nominated certifier (e.g., Bureau Veritas)
  • High Pressure Water Blasting / High Volume Water Cleaning
  • Ultra-High-Pressure Water Blasting and Descaling
  • Non-Destructive Digging (NDD)
  • Low Pressure Water Blasting
  • Tank Dredging and Cleaning
  • Thickener, Clarifier and Washer Rake De-bogging
  • Rock Picking, Removal and Cutting (jaw crushers, gyratory crushers etc)
  • Under Conveyor Cleaning (while in operation)
  • Rail Cleans – Stockyard Inspections
  • SIMS Inspection – Structural Washdown
  • Emergency Response Spill Clean-up

Maintenance and Shutdown examples include:

  • Utilising our unique robotic technology KKIS can provide a full rundown (pre-shut cleaning, prep, pre-prep) service ahead of shutdowns. This includes pre-preparation and preparation of all assets providing a safer, quicker (more efficient) and cleaner (more effective) rundown (cleaning) experience to ensure that each of our client’s assets become maintenance ready well ahead of schedule, setting them up for a successful shutdown.

The use of our High-Pressure Water Jetting Placing Booms (HPWJPB) and High-Volume Water Placing Booms (HVWPB) with articulated arms providing a reach of up to 60m – makes light work of preparing key assets including:

  • Screenhouses – Scalping and Product Bins
  • ROM Bins and Hoppers / Coarse Ore Bins
  • Crushers – Jaw, Gyratory, Rolls / Crusher Chambers
  • Reclaimers (Bucketwheels), Stackers and Ship Loaders / Train Load Out (TLO) Bins
  • Transfer Chutes / Conveyor Walkways & Structure Removing Dangerous Spillage & Build Up
  • Thickener De-Bogging & Counter Current Decantation (CCD) Cleanouts
  • Tank Descaling / Tank Head – High Pressure Blasting (only when access prohibits the use of our robotic technology)