KingKira Group is proud to announce our new partnership with Carnaby’s Crusader.

Carnaby’s Crusader are a Not-for-Profit Charity dedicated to supporting the recovery, breeding and preservation of habitats that supports Western Australia’s native Black Cockatoo species.

Carnaby’s Black Cockatoos know to the Noongar people as the ‘ngoolark’ are found only in Western Australia. Sadly, this species of bird is threatened with extinction with estimates of between 11,000 and 60,000 left in the wild. In Noongar culture the Carnaby’s Black Cockatoos are a sacred Totem bird, and they refer to them as a ‘harbinger of rain’.

Carnaby’s Crusader’s goal is to ensure the survival and promote awareness around the required preservation of natural habitat in order to support our Native Black Cockatoo’s.

Employee Shakira Grasso had the privilege of visiting Dean Arthurell the founder and operator of Carnaby’s Crusader. The visit was very educational and a great chance to witness firsthand the amazing work that Dean is doing.