Last week KingKira Group Director Reegan Buswell and employee Shakira Grasso, along with Reegan’s son George, had the privilege to participate in the Waalitj Foundation Regional Experience in Onslow. 

The team played a big role in helping Onslow School celebrate NAIDOC Week as well as helping out with the after-school programs. 

During the trip the team participated in the NAIDOC Cook Up and Activities Day at Onslow School, Aus Kick and the V Swans after school programs. 

Reegan, George and Shakira had an incredible time and were absolutely in awe at the sense of community within Onslow and loved seeing the whole community come together to celebrate NAIDOC Week. 

Thank you, Waalitj Foundation for this awesome opportunity and the Community of Onslow for your hospitality. 

KingKira Group looks forward to our future with the Waalitj Foundation.